Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?
In this webstore we sell the desktop versions of our software, which run exclusively on computers and notebooks (Windows and macOS). The licenses are under the following terms of use.
Is the desktop version compatible with my smartphone or tablet?
No. The mobile versions are sold separately. The Android app can be purchased on the Google Play Store and the iOS version (iPhone/iPad) is available from the App Store.
Do I have to be connected to the internet to use the software?
No. An internet connection is required only on the first run of the software, after installation. This allows for the authentication of your license and the software runs offline from then on.
How can I make a purchase?
Biosphera’s desktop software are sold exclusively in our webstore. On the product page, click “Add to cart”. We use PayPal as payment system.
Can the software be installed on more than one computer?
Our terms of use allows the installation of the software in only one computer. If you need to reset your computer to factory settings, please contact us.
Will I receive a CD/DVD at my house with the software?
No. Your software will be delivered via download. Once your purchase has been completed you will receive an email containing a link. Click this link to start the download process. This email also contains your serial number. We recommend that you keep this email as the serial number will be required for future updates.
Can I buy your software as a gift for someone else?
Sure! See our gift card option.
I downloaded the software but I cannot install/execute it.

1. Confirm that your download was completed 100%. To do this, make sure the file you downloaded matches the software you purchased. To check the size of your file, right click on the file and select Properties. If the downloaded installation file is smaller than stated at the product page (see Specs), please download it again.

2. If you are running macOS system, please check this link.

3. If you use Windows and a “Failed to initialize Direct3D” or a “The game crashed” error message appears, there is a problem with your computer’s video card. In these cases, please update the video card driver.

Are there demo versions of the software?
No. There are no demo versions for evaluation but there are several videos demonstrating our products. You can also download our 3D Frog Skeleton software for free; it works just like our other anatomy software, although it is simpler.